Thursday, July 22, 2021

All Government Sucks and Should Be Disbanded

 Remember the fbi seized 85 million from safe deposit boxes? 

For the second time a judge has told them to show cause why he shouldn't halt the seizures.

How the goddamn hell does our government think it has the right to seize anyones money without filing criminal charges against them? Thats what they did here and they don't seem repentant about it at all. 

Screw them. Kill every government employee and let anarchy run amok in the streets. All this shit will get settled pretty quickly then I betcha.

Judge stymies feds' plan — again — to keep $85 million in raid without filing criminal charges


  1. This is only the beginning. Keep your money at home buried outside or in a very safe stash.

    1. Even keeping money at home may not be safe.