Sunday, July 18, 2021

Can You Believe This Shit?

 Just as soon as asshole gov newsom wins the recall election here in calif, he will probably shut the whole state down again.

LA is already mandating masks again, starting at midnight last night.

On Thursday, Davis indicated more drastic measures might be taken if infection rates don't drop.

Sacramento county here in calif is recommending everyone including fully vaccinated people wear a goddamn mask. What the? I thought vaccination was supposed to protect you? I mean, why am I going to put something dangerous like that into my body when it doesn't protect me like you said it would?

“The drastic increase in cases is concerning – as is the number of people choosing not to get vaccinated,” said Sacramento County Public Health Officer Olivia Kasirye in a statement.

So to me it looks like the state is wending its way back to totalitarianism. We got away from it for about a week when asshole gov newsom started getting scared he would be recalled and started pretending to be a human.

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