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How Is This Done Accidentally?

 REPORT: Indiana Walgreens “Accidentally” Gives Pfizer COVID Jabs To 4 and 5 Yr Old Siblings…Pediatric Cardiologist Is Reportedly Treating Both Kids For Heart Issues [VIDEO]

There is no way in hell this was an accident. Even a cursory examination of the bottle would reveal what it is.

This is the second time I have heard walgreens stores doing this. Maybe they shouldn't be doing this at all. I mean, they are pharmacists, not doctors. If they screw up a shot this bad, what are they doing to your meds?

Maybe only licensed nurses and physicians should be doing this. 


  1. Bingo! Only RNs and MD/DOs should be injecting an inoculation, especially an experimental inoculate. Why they ever allowed a pill dispenser to inject someone is beyond me. They may have a Doctorate in Pharmacology but have no experience at injecting. In my days as a nurse I thought doctors should have that practice removed sometimes...

    1. I don't think I would go to walgreens for a shot. Unless it was maybe vodka.