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Christmas Lights

 Tis the season to be jolly! Ho Ho Ho!

This is the time of the year when I am not jolly, I get downright cranky sometimes, when my #*"( Christmas lights don't work!

I convinced my wife to put up our tree early, due to her medical issues and my general laziness of getting things done.

Every year I have a problem with Christmas lights and this year is no exception. The lovely Mrs and I purchased a couple extra sets this year cause I knew what was gonna happen when I tried to repair the ones that were broke. Anyway got to looking at the tree and I'll be gotdamn if about 10 lights in one of the new strands are out. Sonofuh! They are already on the damn tree, ain't no way I'm trying to take those off and return them.

Wiggled the thing and it lit up. 2 days later it is out again. Today my son in law Peter came up and we strung led icicle lights outside.

While hanging the lights we found the first 10 or 12 bulbs in one of the strands were not lit. After the trouble my wife and I had to find enough of these multicolor strands of icicle lights a few years back, I was determined to make this set work.
So I dug out my fixit tool, the LED Keeper. I can't show an image of it because blogger is messing with me. I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to get an image and insert it. 

I got it year before last and never used it, mainly because I fear frustration. Last year I was able to successfully use it, I think it was one time. This year I tried a repair and wound up throwing the whole set away, again due to frustration. Thats why we bought the extra sets for the tree, hoping to have good lights for at least a year, and skip the damn frustration with the lights thing.

So anyway, I dig out the tool and set to work on the repair, and I'll be doggone if I wasn't able to repair the lights this time. One teeny tiny cottonpickin led bulb was not making good contact, replaced it and we are good to go!Woohoo!

So now I'm thinking of trying to repair the strand while it is on the tree. That is assuming I can find the beginning of it to unplug it. Wish me luck.