Saturday, February 10, 2024

Looks like some people are starting to take this invasion seriously.

 Butler County Sheriff Offers Disaster Training to Civilians in Preparation for Imminent Terror Attacks and 2024 Elections Amid Federal Warnings of Election Interference (VIDEO)

Quite a few people have been warning about this. 

But when fbi director wray starts saying this is happening, maybe it is time to believe.


  1. Wray tells us what we have known since for about five minutes after biden destroyed everything Trump had done. He's telling us how dangerous the people flooding into the country are,, and are they CLOSING THE BORDER??
    It's gonna be another
    He was on our radar moment, but instead of it being one guy, it's going to be massive attacks. I'm expecting someone to Discover some Deep in the woods training ground, where our guys have been training them after, Ooopsies, someone Found the warehouses where the IRS and Postal Service, etc, have their weapons stashed and stole them.
    First stop? Knock off the National Guard lockers..

  2. It's too late. America as stage-4 cultural cancer. We're DOOMED!