Thursday, February 22, 2024

AI Appears to be Racist. It won't draw white People.

 Google: Uh, Yeah, Sorry Our AI is So Woke

How do you get rid of racism in this country?

A good start would be go to google and hang every sonofabitch there.

If they hate whites so much they can't even program the AI to draw one, then go move to a black or brown country. And quit using stuff white people made work great.


  1. We don't have true Artificial Intelligence...yet. What we actually have are complex heuristic software programs that reflect the political agendas and inherent bias of the people who wrote the software. So if an AI does something "racist" it does so because it was designed to do so.

  2. I say we run with this for awhile...then, when they start with the slavery/discrimination rant again, we can point to the "new" pictures and say they did it to themselves.

    1. LOL! That is the perfect plan!