Thursday, February 1, 2024

Court Blocks California’s Crazy Ammunition Purchase Restrictions ~ Rhode v. Bonta

 For now, California's law requiring background checks to purchase ammunition has been stopped.

I expect some court somewhere will issue an injunction to stay this ruling until the state can appeal.

Before this law was imposed I was buying as much ammo as I could afford. Since the law was imposed I have not shot any of my ammo up. I refuse to do a background check. Fuck em. 

I did at one time decades ago submit to a background check to buy a rifle, but since then I have hardened my stance. I won't buy any more if I have to endure the check.

Keep and Bear Arms is supposed to be a right.


  1. 'Sounds like we're both living "behind enemy lines..."

    While the Sacramento Asylum was going about putting this legislation together, I was buying ammo... and buying ammo... and buying MORE ammo... That law did a couple of things. For one, people just started going across into Arizona to get their ammo. Yeah, I know; that's supposedly illegal. Then again, so is illegal immigration, breaking and entering, and shoplifting. I don't see any of those folks going to jail. For another, California lost out on all the sales taxes from all those ammo purchases. For yet another, it created a population of gun owners who don't practice enough due to the fact that they have to go through so much red tape to replace the ammo they've used, making them more dangerous when they DO need to use their firearms. ...Meanwhile, the gangbangers, cartel members, and various and sundry other gun-toting criminals go merrily on their way, not even knowing this law was even put into place... THAT is the STUIPIDITY of the legislature of the once great state of California...

  2. The operative part of that phrase is "for now'". The left never quits, never gives up, never goes away. They WILL keep trying to totally destroy our Rights by whatever methods possible. This is most definitely not over.

  3. Vern, your 2A is a specific enumerated recognition of your human right to liberty from tyrannical government, and to a lesser extent for self-defence. Like much of your constitution, it’s often ignored by the blackguards sitting in regional, state and federal US government. The few times it’s taken notice of by your politicians is when they’re seeking to circumvent the constitution, to do as they will.
    I have no business telling Yanks what they should do, I don’t even reside in the USA, but it’s obvious to me that it’s way past time that your criminal and traitorous politicians and bureaucrats faced trial and answer for what they have done to your country.