Saturday, February 24, 2024

Dear Cardone Capital team, Immediately discontinue ALL underwriting on New York City real estate. The risk outweigh the opportunities at this time.

 The Businesses Fleeing Corrupt New York Amid $355 Million Trump Verdict

Looks to me like somebody done fucked up in NYC.

Business appears to be going elsewhere. 

Some big money type muckity muck named Kevin O'Leary says he won't invest there any longer, and is telling others not to, also.

Remington Arms is closing shop and moving to Georgia. But I think they were doing that before the Trump Verdict. But that may have been the last straw.

And they are all correct. Who will invest in new york if they might be fined for doing business there? Well, the woke liberal assholes will.

But they will keep on doing political verdicts with their judicial system. They seem to think they have got away with it.

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