Wednesday, February 28, 2024

"The Rent's Too Damn High!" So is food. I should be back Saturday night.


I think I told you about the price of eggs here locally, at $5.75 dozen for AA.

And then I think I told you about the single tomato, that still sits there, the store wanted $3.49 each for.

The other day I went to Dollar General. I got a single can of spinach, and yes I do like spinach. Put in a pot, heat it up, place in a bowl, salt the heck out of it. MMM MMM Good! $1.75 for a normal size can. This time last year they were 85 cents for a can. That's just a little over 100% increase.

And now, to go with MMM MMM Good, I present the following. With my giantest apologies:

FJB. Because him and his democrat oligarchs have been practicing their socialism nazism communism. Every ism except capitalism.


  1. I’m getting 24 eggs at Costco for $4, a gallon of milk for $3. Joe Stupid fucked things up pretty well but if you look, a few bargains are out there

    1. This is good if you live close to a Costco. Otherwise, what you save on eggs ends up going into the gas tank. That being said, we only buy the normally expensive stuff like meat when it's on sale. If it's not on sale, it stays in the grocer's hands.

      Eggs out here in the West are going for over $5.00 for 18. We keep chickens so eggs aren't an issue for us. They are a good bellwether for grocery prices though.

  2. Bought 18 double AA eggs last week for 3.89 and a can of spinach at Dollar Tree is $1.25. Small town in center of USA. Oh, and we had 2 murders in 2023.