Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Wheels on My Truck Go Round and Round

 Glad to be home.

Drove from  my home in Madera California to Lubbock Texas. From there we drove to Fort Riley Kansas to see my grandson. And from there we drove back to Madera.

3,692 miles total. Feb. 2 to last night Feb. 9. It was snow in Flagstaff on the 2nd, which caused Interstate 40 to be completely stopped for about 20 minutes then we got going again.

Had really high winds in New Mexico. 

When we left Texas winds were really high, when we left Kansas winds were really high. Snow was happening again in Gallup NM and over to Flagstaff.

The powers that be closed interstate 40 on the east side of Gallup NM over to Flagstaff at 7PM and then reopened it at 8AM the next morning. 

They closed it 10 miles before our hotel. Fortunately we were able to snowplow thru some side streets and got there okay.

Waited around the next morning until we knew it was open and then headed for drier pastures.

Here is a view from my hotel room yesterday morning:

And a view from the road:


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure for winter traveling..

  2. Should have made that a one way trip. Get out of the Peoples Republic of Californiastan.