Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Designed to be installed dry.

 I have been a shadetree mechanic for 62 years or so. But most of the time I did not have a shade to work under, except when I was under the car.

But sway bar bushings never entered my life until this last year. The end links for the sway bar on my wifes car had to be replaced. Holy smokes, I drove it down the freeway and that car was rocking side to side. Holy smokes it was rockin.

And then a couple of months after that my grandson decided to put all new front end parts on his durango, and that included sway bar bushings. So I volunteered my driveway for that, and I made a hell of a supervisor that day.

I think this was one of the videos I watched for that ordeal.


  1. With the right tools suspension bushings aren't that hard. Without the right tools they are a gold plated bitch.

  2. Had to replace the links on the truck. All the rubber bits were completely gone. I recommend checking them, not that difficult to replace. Not doing so can cost you your tires.