Thursday, February 15, 2024

Jesus, do they really think we are that gullible?

 In a twist that’s almost too bizarre to believe, America is grappling with a national security threat from Russia so alarming that our very own government insists it’s too hush-hush to even share with us.

"Washington is really an amazing place. Suddenly, as Speaker Johnson says he will not take up a bill to send over $95 billion to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, officials begin to warn that there’s a new national security threat."

Well holy shit. We not gonna give money to ukraine so suddenly there is a new national security threat---from space no less. Ala, The Space Cowboys.

But they can't tell us about it. OOOOH!


  1. Democrat credo: "Keep the sheep scared and divided and you'll own them". Too bad there are millions that will gladly swap their independence for the perceived government promise of "safety".

  2. Donk motto: Keep 'em stoned, stupid, entertained, and scared. The rest of the script will write itself...

  3. REEE! Russia Russia Russia! The idiots who buy this are the ones who still believe the Trump got elected through Russian interference.