Monday, February 12, 2024




  1. how about we get our own country in order before helping everyone else, i never hear about them helping us with the border or money

  2. This Limey language anti-Trump ad should have Roy Orbison's the song "Only the lonely" as background music

  3. When Trump wins, provided that he is allowed to be sworn in, what is he going to do differently this time around, compared to his first term? He still has to account for enabling Operation Warp Speed, he’s a very clever businessman and a wheeler-dealer in international politics, but sadly is easily won over by snake-oil salesmen like Fauci and Gates.

    Will there actually be arrests and trials for such criminals as the Clinton, Pelosi and Podesta crime syndicates this time around? Remember the “Lock her up!” quote from his first campaign? Note, this isn’t an attack against Trump, I’d just really like to know the answers to my questions.

    1. You are suggesting that Trump will continue in the same vein as last time. But, you don't realize, that argument is leftist thinking. Leftists always think that doing things the way they've always did them; is the default action for the present.
      Don't you think that maybe, just maybe Trump has learned a lesson and will do things differently?

  4. I guess this Limey broad feels "a less reliable partner" would be someone who has PROVEN himself not to be a globalist lapdog...

    HEY, BRITAIN!!! How about siddin down and shuddin up!!! ...AFTER you BOW TO THE KING, of course... Oh; and AFTER you KISS MY ASS!