Friday, February 16, 2024

Geez Louise, I went to the grocery store.

 The other day I complained about the price of eggs. Today I am complaining about the price of everything else.

Holy schlamoly have you seen the price of groceries?

For $29.30 I got a plastic bag half full of actual groceries, 1 gallon of Sunny D original taste, and 5 lbs. of russet potatoes.

I remember when I was a small tyke going with my Momma to Parkers Grocery Store, $29.30 was two carts full of groceries.

I just about crapped my pants when I saw the price of a normal size can of chili.

$4.49 for a can of chili with no beans. The brand was Stagg. Hormel chili no beans was $3.99 for a normal size can. And Hormel chili with beans was $2.99.

Holy shit.

But wait. There's more.

The main reason I went to the store was to get a tomato. I wanted a tomato for an afternoon snack.

So there I was, wandering around the produce section, looking at all of the veggies on display.

Then I come to the table with tomatoes. 

Large tomatoes. These things were at least 4 inches in diameter. Producto de Mexico.

$3.49 for ONE tomato. One.

My eyes just kind of glazed over when I saw that. Well, forget my afternoon snack. No way in hell I'm payin that.

Then I found vine tomatoes. 5 to a vine, about 2 inches in diameter. $3.49 for one pound. So I bought those.

It looks like I will rethink my plan to not grow any veggies this summer.


  1. Just started seeds & have them germinating under a lamp, just in case we have one last freeze.
    Suckers are going to be half grown by the time the weather warms up..

  2. The goal of the 1% is to starve most of us. It's the easiest safest way for them to kill vast numbers without getting shot in the attempt. Growing your own food will short circuit their plans.

  3. Your best comment Dan. Got seeds for this AND next years gardens?

  4. From 2016 to today things cost 40% more.

    If you are comparing the cost of things from even 5 years ago, you aren't comparing them right. The dollar is worth about HALF of what it was.
    If yer comparing then to now all you are just being an old fool.,,,,and failing to understand that a dollar then isn't a dollar today.

    So double the price you remember and then you have a realistic value,

    Realize that your house is worth nearly twice as much as before as well. It;s the dollar that has changed in value. Same house. Same tomato, same groceries. Devalued dollar.

    Blame Joe and Congress.