Wednesday, February 14, 2024

President Poopy Pants is too senile to stand trial.


Isn't that a stunning headline? And a giant admission about President Trump?

Since they are proceeding full steam ahead against President Trump they must think he is a fully cognitive person.

Unlike President Poopy Pants. 

Anyway. The dems are in abject denial about ole joe.

Jen Psaki asks Biden attorney if special counsel Robert Hur should be ‘investigated’ for report on Joe Biden

Obama AG Eric Holder blasts special counsel’s report

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  1. I propose having a 'Not A Debate' event. Both Trump and Biden are one term Presidents. Let their be a two hour live event. The first hour having each candidate in their own words (show your work !!) discuss what each did in their 1st four year term.

    Hour Two - each candidate in their own words telling us what they intend to do with their 2nd term.

    Let the voter judge who is the better person for leading the country. We don't need the media telling us who 'won' or lost. No questions asked - pure presentation by each.