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Bad Times Are Coming

 Is The U.S. Going To Transition From Stagflation Directly Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression?

Lots of articles I see and read have predictions of doom and gloom. Personally, I don't have the foggiest idea what is going to happen or not happen in the realm of finances.

But. I do know what my eyes see everyday. And right now my eyes are telling me that prices are starting to effing climb again.

This morning I had to go to fresno so I stopped at the valero gas station. I was going to get twenty bucks of gas for my beater truck, and while there I was gonna get a gas station burrito, for the extra gas of course. 

Well crap, burritos are zero. So I check out the pastry area and grab a small bag of chocolate donuts, 6 to the pack. You know, the small ones in plastic wrap. And I grabbed a small coffee also.

Before june of 2021 when I would stop into this store those 2 items would cost me about $3.30. Today they cost me $4.54. I just about shit a brick. And that woulda hurt.

Gas today cash price at that station is $5.39 gallon. Yesterday or maybe friday we drove by there and it was $5.19 gallon.

And today I'm reading that stocks are collapsing. Well shit, just when I thought I had my retirement finances nailed, this happens.

Anyway, stock up on beans bullets and bandaids. See Ya Tomorrow!


  1. It is a fun trip to the bottom, like falling, it only hurts when you are stopped and broke...

  2. Based on my observations I'm certain the American public will ignore the obvious economic collapse and shout: "I'll give you my iPhone when you pry it from my cold dead hands"!