The Big E

The Big E
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Now is the time for you to consider what your energy needs are.

 The U.S. power grid is strained as-is, with disruption and outages becoming more frequent in many regions.

Do you know what your energy requirements at home are? If not, now is the time to look into that.

The fed gov is trying harder and harder to push people into using "renewable" electricity rather than fossil fuel or nuke. Because of that our nations energy grid is aging into disrepair and needs replacement in some areas. 

Supplying yourself with electricity is not very easy. But it can be done. Think to yourself what you would do if you have an extended energy blackout for some reason. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, terrorist event or a grid operator just pissed because he didn't get the day off he wanted and decided to cause a problem.

Now is the time to do this for your family, Before you need to do this for your family.

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