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Monday, May 23, 2022

Well, looks to me like they are releasing the Kraken.

 Monkeypox Spreads Like Wildfire All Across The Planet As The WHO Warns “There Will Be More Cases”

Well, just about the time the WHO is trying to take over authority for the whole damn planet, guess what comes along?

That's right. Another disease that is going to cause these powerhungry cocksuckers to attempt another set of lockdowns. Funny for us, it is just before our midterm elections. Mailin ballots anyone?

And with the asshole democrats in charge they will probably let it happen.


  1. And with the bulk of republicans sitting on their hands, they will probably let it happen too. I often find myself more angry at the GOP than the Dems because I count them as traitors times two. Most campaigned as patriot warriors. No patriot warrior would be sitting on his hands during these times. 'We must beat the Democrats, but it also matters who and what we replace them with.' - S. Palin

  2. Well, we got burned the first time... ain't gonna happen the second time, or the 351st time, fluck 'em! I see changes in the near future and we see blue or white helmets about... open season buddy! Ya liked that meme I posted with the chimps and being gender neutral? Works for me, I will give THEM a pronoun they can't argue with.

    1. Those helmets will show up pretty good in low light... if y'gitm'drift...