Wednesday, May 25, 2022

This summer may just get a little riled up.

 “Joe Biden can go on TV and not wait one minute before he blames Republicans and demands our guns be seized. That’s apparently ‘peace and unity.’ We respond and we’re riling people up,” Fine said. “If the president of the United States wants to politicize a tragedy, he should expect people to get angry in return.”

This summer and fall might get a little sporty if these arrogant fuck democrats continue trying to take away our guns and politicize the fuck out of everything.

Dickhead bato had to go to Gov. Abbots press conference on the school shooting and act all big and bad. What a twat he is.

The damn democrats don't get it. We ain't gonna sit on our sorry asses fillin out requisition forms for equipment we already got and are willing to use on those useless piece of skin holders.

And they want our bullets? Here they come at a few thousand feet per second.


  1. Not a single one of the thousands of criminals who have been diligently attacking America for decades have ever suffered even the slightest harm or inconvenience for their crimes. Till that changes the have zero reason to stop.

    1. You got that right. We need a few thousand very public trials followed by a public hanging of each of them.

  2. With winter mostly a memory, the BLM will come out from under their rocks, while the illegal immigrants gather by the tens of thousands at the southern border to come over and get their "fair share".
    No more school shootings as school is over for the most part across the country. The feds will have to invent somewhere new to concoct their mass shootings, in order to further their assault against gun ownership.
    It's gonna be a hot one.