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Thursday, May 26, 2022

What a waste.

Uvalde Shooter Fired Gun For 12 Minutes Outside School Before Entering 

Columbine shocked the nation and marked a shift in tactical philosophy: Police officers are now expected to enter buildings with active shooters as rapidly as possible, regardless of their equipment or training.

Every law enforcement officer in my home state of texas should hang their heads in shame. And look for another job.

Apparently it is true that they waited 40 minutes to enter the school. A border patrol agent apparently had his team there and they went in. That is just flat out wrong for them to wait like that.

40 minutes. The parents of those kids were begging the officers to go in, but instead they handcuffed the parents.

Also, some of the law enforcement officers were apparently able to enter the school to save their own kids. As stated by the dps guy in the video.


  1. last i got, the bp guy got tired of waiting on the team to get ready n went in himself for his daughter. once he got her out he went on to the shooter n took a round thru the hat. nice shootn for a guy that just bought his rifle and never shot it before. bp agent was getting a haircut when it started, borrowed a shotgun from the barber. why wouldn't a bp tac guy have his guns with him?

  2. Texans, REFUSE service to any and ALL LEO. Forever for all I care. Make them quit and leave the state. ALL Texas law enforcement should be so ashamed as to hand in their badges and quit, en masse. Have a law deputizing citizens, whom have no criminal records, to carry and enforce as needed. Clean house top to bottom or you are all no better then the LEOs whom stood around.

  3. The community there should solve the problem internally.
    And for the po po out there reading this, never, ever wonder why some people in this country want you dead. You're the high school bully all grown up with a little dick and a badge.
    Oh, but I'm not like that, I'm one of the good cops? Nope, and every black man is a nigger until he proves otherwise.
    If the rest of "your people" don't shame those pieces of shit into killing themselves seppuku style, you're no better than them. You sure as shit don't deserve any respect or special treatment from me if you're willing to tolerate those types among your peers.