Thursday, May 12, 2022

Is there some reason babies can't be breastfed?

 FDA Recall Leads to Baby Formula Shortage, Panics Parents Desperate to Feed Their Children

I am a little confused. Has this country come so far down the politically correct path that women can't figure out how to feed their kids?

I know government created this problem, and now they don't know how to or won't fix it. But why the hell are parents waiting on GOVERNMENT to take care of their children? Why don't they sit down or stand up and figure this problem out?

How many thousands of years has humanity been on this planet and fed all of those kids that were hungry? And in less than a hundred years we are brought to our knees by a lack of formula?


  1. Some women cannot breast feed. Some cannot produce enough breast milk to properly feed their babies. Most find they cannot keep up the milk production to meet the ever-growing kid.

    Failure to thrive is still a medical term for an otherwise healthy baby that simply dies, more often than not for poor nutrition.

    Thus, as far back as we have records about feeding babies those women that stayed very milk heavy were hired to be Nursemaids. Goat milk was often used as easily digested.

    1. Thank you, I did not know that. I thought all women could breastfeed.