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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Holy crap gas is going up quick.

 The lovely Mrs. and I were down in fresno today.  On the way back home I was looking at gas prices at the various stations. 

For 87 octane, cash price, here are some of the prices we saw.

Sinclair    5.49 gallon

Valero      5.79 gallo.

Shell        6.15 gallon

Chevron   6.69 gallon

There is a 1.20 per gallon difference there.

For 14 gallons thats a difference of 16.80. Who in their right mind would go to chevron for that price?

Listening to the radio, the average gas price here in california is 6.02 per gallon. I believe that is the first time in history for that. 

Stupid joe and the ho.


  1. Current price in Copper Basin, Alaska $5.69 for regular! A friend down on the Kenai said price went up $.20 between leaving for church and coming home!

    1. I saw the same thing happen here. It went up 20 cents. I drove by the station to the grocery store, there about 30 minutes. On the way back posted prices up 20 cents. This is pure bullshit.

  2. My wife filled her car last week. It cost just under $100.00 ($99 and change). That same car cost $69.00, this time last year... Then she went on to get financially raped buying groceries... Joe and the 'Ho gotta go!

    1. You got that right. 1 loaf of orweat whole wheat bread cost 5.39.