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Hangman's Noose

 Well, I wanted to make a post about how to tie a hangman's noose. 

So I went to utube and found a short 1 minute video and I shared it here on the blog. 

Well, utube didn't like that and wouldn't allow it to be played here, you could only watch it on their tube. So, if you want to watch the video on how to tie a hangman knot, here is the link: Hangman's Noose.

The knot is relatively simple to tie, and has an infinite number of uses other than hanging someone.

To be a true hangmans noose I have always thought the knot had to contain 13 turns of the rope. But, doing an internet search to verify that proved futile. I only found one site out of about 20 that referenced turns of rope, and they said 9 to 13 were required.

I have practiced tying knots, but my memory is such that unless I do it several times daily every day I cannot remember the steps. Hopefully your memory is better than mine.

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