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Well Hell, I wonder what ole elon's gonna do about this?

 Ministry Of Truth Czar Nina Jankowicz Wants “Verified” People On Twitter To Be Able To Edit Tweets…Like Wikipedia

Boy, these people don't hide nothin anymore do they?

I mean, I think your tweet is disinformation and I feel like I could add some context to that.

Here is some context for you. Just let me squeeze my tummy a little harder. Okay, here it comes. No wait just a second. Here it comes for you. There's your context janikowiz.


  1. I think your context is pretty smelly there! Just right for this has been clown fish of a government hack.

  2. "Verified..." I think that broad is "Certifiable..."

    1. These people are batshit certifiably crazy. Time to bring back the insane asylums.