Saturday, September 18, 2021

China Could Take Us Over With an EMP

EMP Attack: What Would Actually Happen? 

Do you think one of the large nations are orchestrating all the bullshit going on in our world?

Here in the (former)united states we have lockdowns, divisiveness, animosity, hatred, bitterness. No one wants to compromise with anyone else. Therefore, no unity.

China wants to dominate us. Seems to me now would be a good time for china to detonate an emp over the continental (former)united states.  Hell, with maobiden in charge they may have one up there right now just waiting on what they consider the right moment. 

If they did that, with our weak military and weak command structure we have,  they could run right over us in a matter of weeks. Even with a gun behind every blade of grass. 

For all those guns to be effective, there has to be some leadership. And right now we don't have it.

And if they have been coordinating all the refugees coming up and have a plan to get them some weapons, they have a readymade army sitting right here already in our country.

Think about that for a second. If china were to have a metric crap ton of special forces types in mexico coordinating with the terrorists coming in, what better way to bring a country down?

Something to think about.


  1. Don't know if they need to waste a nuke. A couple of key strokes on a computer and hack our power grid. Then send in their " ready made" army.

    1. I have thought about that, and you are correct.

  2. Fred, I believe the "leaders" are out there. If they show themselves now, they will be disappeared and renditioned to some african hellhole never to be seen again. I think we are close, not at that trigger point. When it happens, we will know. Hell will know new tenants and even satan I am sure will send them to some dark new level so as not to be bothered with them. Communists will be a dark, old memory.