Thursday, September 2, 2021

Oh Piss Off You Goddamn Sunzabitches

 CDC asks the unvaccinated to stay home as Labor Day weekend travel picks up

If you vaccinated sunzabitches are so afraid of getting this not a pandemic bullshit coof called covid, then STAY THE FUCK HOME!

I got just as much right as you assholes think you do to travel freely across this country. So fuck you and your live in society without fear of getting sick bullshit. Shut up, stay home, and let normal Americans live their lives, free from your bullshit.


  1. Ask the CDC why those getting Covid are the very same individuals who got the vaccine are now the ones getting the virus. Seems to me these are the ones that need to stay indoors wearing masks while the rest of us non- vaccinated go out and enjoy our lives.