Monday, September 27, 2021

The governor’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers goes into effect at midnight tonight.

 The new is same as the old. New Yorks new bitch governor is going dictator already.

She says vaccinated workers deserve to know the unvaccinated people they work with are not going to get them sick.

New York Governor Hochul to Deploy Medically Trained National Guard Troops to Replace Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in Hospitals


  1. It is definitely out in the open... " I will sign an E-O to give myself emergency power" I don't ever remember in my history books kings and emperors having to sign an EO to wield power, but dictators I have. It is time to bring out the pitch forks, the hot coal tar and good stout rope. Been nice meeting you Fred... if we are still alive in a year, lets get together and toss a toast.

    1. You are right, these sunzabitches gotta die, and I mean right now. See you in a year.