Thursday, September 23, 2021

Grocery Prices Today

 My wife and I dropped in to the local State Foods grocery store, which we lovingly call the High Dollar Store.

She wanted to get some green beans, and I decided to click a few pics.

I can get food cheaper at other places, but I have to drive a minimum of ten miles in either direction to get there. My wifes foot is still problematic after breaking her big toe last friday. She tripped on a cord I had strung out from the garage to outside so I could use a drill motor.

We have a fridge and a freezer out there and she was accessing the fridge, and didn't lift over the cord well enough.

The color of her toe and foot was kind of a mixture of black, blue and purple. Ugly color.

I somehow deleted a pic of a loaf of Oroweat 100% whole wheat bread at $5.39 loaf. And on a display on the way out of the store was scotts paper towels. They were the choose a size. You know how on the pack it will say 6 rolls equals 12 rolls? This pack said 6 rolls equals 11 rolls. Funny strange.

Anyway, here are the pics.


  1. Food riots anybody? Gives new meaning to "Hunger Games."

  2. Another thought, we are finally get to lose that weight we keep New Years resoluting...

    1. Ha, never thought about that!

    2. I can't afford to lose any weight.

    3. You really are skinny. But I can afford to lose about 30 lbs. Probly do my sugar level good.