Sunday, September 5, 2021

Right Now We are Seeing the Results of the Socialist Experiment Here in America----Nobody Wants to Work

This Is The Weirdest Employment Market That We Have Ever Seen

 Nobody wants to work. And why should they, when they can stay home and make as much or close to it by not working?


  1. Vern, i keep reading this "nobody wants to work" here and other places.

    Two words: masks, vaxx

    People do not want to work with a MASK on their face. People do not want a job where some snot nose a** insist they get a POX PUMP.

    People want to work on their own terms, not arbitrary state-made up terms.

    Me. I wont take a job under those conditions. Fortunately, my husband earns enough for that to be possible. But i'd like a job and i am an excellent employee. At least that is what ive been told.

    1. I agree. You have made excellent points. But the point I made is still valid.