Friday, September 10, 2021

Expensive Stuff

 The lovely wife and I went to Target store this morning. Don't hate on me for that.

 At this particular target store everything today was well stocked. I did not see any empty shelves.

What I did see is prices gotta be going up.

I got one bag of dog food, one case of aqua fina bottled water, one pack of those damn pickasize paper towels(they apparently do not sell a full size towel anymore), one pack of toilet paper, and 2 grocery bags of medical stuff, some clothes, general stuff. 

In other words, not one heck of a lot of stuff.

$262.00 for all of that. Holy Smokes. 


  1. No meat or dairy. Dayyyum. As the current administration says,if you take meat and dairy out of the equation, inflation isn't really all that bad. Of course, they are getting paid a boat load more than I am, so how would they know.