Tuesday, September 7, 2021

No Credible Threats? Does This Guy Have ANY Clue What He is Talking About?

 Homeland Security chief says there are no credible 9/11 threats

No credible threats? My ass, I got your credible hangin right here you miserable sonofabitch.

The article says 46,000 afghan refugees here, but only about a dozen are on the watch list. Only a dozen? Isn't that about a dozen too many??

And get this. This sonofabitch isn't concerned about terrorists entering our country, this is what he is concerned with: He said that DHS has seen a shift, where once they may have been more concerned about a foreign terrorist entering the U.S., “now what we consider the most serious terrorism-related threat on our homeland, which is the domestic violent extremist.”

So let's not mention the hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants who have come over the border from Mexico. None of whom have been checked for covid and all of them flown to red states to infect the population to prove redstates bad for not wearing masks and not getting vaccinated.

You know, I have said before I could bring this country to its knees in the space of one day, possibly might take two days. But no longer. All it would take is about 50 crazy ragheads with will to kill infidels, about 50 good used AK47's, and about 25,000 rounds of 7.62 x39, about 500 per raghead.  And all of them willing to die, be a martyr, see 74 virgins. Send them all on the same day, same time, same bat plan. Send them to small towns of 10,000 or less, find a local shopping center, mcdonalds, grocery store, wal mart what have you. Have everyone of them start in at noon PST and start killing people. 

By the time it is all said and done, every road, bridge, highway, train plane and automobile would be shutdown. For a very long time. 

And, you know, a dozen on the terrorist watch list would be plenty to accomplish this also. 


  1. Well, there are a LOT of concealed carry holders out here.

    And the population of the US is about 330M

    There would be a lot of blood flowing, for sure.

    But the USA would survive, and probably improve in the weeks following the initial bloodletting.

    I could see mosques being bulldozed and eventually an official legal recognition that islam is a death cult, not a religion.

  2. And the alphabet folks did so well predicting 911 and such !

  3. The late, lamented J D Kinman had this scenario as a plotline for his first book