Saturday, September 4, 2021

Nopales and Prickly Pear

Have you ever eaten cactus? I have not, but I have been told by several people that nopales and prickly pears are excellent to eat. Frankly, I have never been hungry enough to try them.

However, I have a fence full of the doggone things. So one of these days I will have to give them a go. 

The nopales are the flat leaves. Remove the spines, cube them up, and sautee them like bell peppers. The prickly pear, remove the spines, cut the ends off, peel the skin and eat. Or juice it up I guess.

But notice I said remove the spines. I have to be very careful when I am out by them as I have, on several occasions, backed into them. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt, my shirt is not thick enough to protect me. 

Here are a couple of links about preparing them:

Prickly Pear

How to Cook Nopales


  1. I think Nopales are an acquired taste. They are ok but I dont love them. ( In Texas you can buy them at most grocery stores).I did have some great Prickly Pear Margaritas a time or two so perhaps juicing them us IS the way to go.

    1. I have never tried any of that, but a good margarita sounds very good to me right now.