Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Up at 3:36 AM Again

 Looks like I am on the wake up damn early part of my week. I usually sleep okay except for getting up nightly 4 or 5 times to go pee.

At least one time weekly I wake up at various times of the morning, today it was 3:36 and simply cannot go back to sleep. So I peruse the internet. 

And bother you guys with my posts. 

Not much going on right now, still blacker than a mother in laws heart outside, no moon that I can see.

Perusing the net I see the same old stuff. Found an article I read about small solar power systems.

This last weekend we lost power for about 4 hours. Actually, about 1500 homes lost power is what the website said. So I got out some extension cords and hooked my big inverter to 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer.  Everything runs good during daylight hours while we have plenty of sunshine, but the battery system won't run all night long.

So I have recently purchased another big inverter and eight more batteries, so I can run 1 refrigerator and 1 freezer on this one, and 1 refrigerator on the bigger one. That way I am hoping the batteries will last all night.

Not to be I am afraid. My daughter and I hooked up the new inverter to the old 10 battery system. When I plugged in the extension cord to the fridge, the whole thing went crazy and wouldn't power up because all of the voltage from the batteries had went to almost nothing. Tried the other fridge and same problem. That is extremely frustrating, these batteries are only 3 years old. 

Got a brand new cord yesterday, after we had all power back of course, and hooked it up and everything ran perfectly. Thought my issue might be resolved, but again, not to be. 

While sitting at my desk the fridge or freezer tried to kick on and the new inverter went crazy again, but finally started up. I plugged the fridge and freezer into the bigger inverter and it was pulling 1,630 watts which is one hell of a lot for the fridge and freezer, so I have to investigate why that is.

So I am thinking my old set of batteries may be bad. Gonna have to get out this week and do some investigating on that. 

My grandson is going to come up this morning, and i will help him install a transmission solenoid pack in his 98 ford expedition. It has been setting a transmission code, P1747. We did some troubleshooting on this, and I believe his computer for the car is bad, but he thinks the solenoid pack is bad. We are  doing it his way, and hopefully that will fix the issue. 

Wherever you folks are at today, enjoy yourselves, hug your wife and kids, sisters brothers and/or goats if you have them. Bring some joy into someone's life by doing stupid shit and making them smile and shake their heads at you. Remember, if joe biden can do it, so can you. 


  1. I use Solaray Saw Palmetto with Pygeum to keep the night squirts to a minumin Vern. I get up about 3 times.

    1. I take saw palmetto butit does not say pygeum on the bottle. I will get some and try that. Thank you for the tip.