Friday, September 17, 2021

What a Bunch of Crap

 The family members of this lady should band together and burn the bodies of the people who did this to cinders.

Project Veritas Whistleblower: Washington Nursing Home Patient Dies After Being Given a ‘Chemical Restraint’ to Coax Her Into Taking Vaccine Against Her Will; Was Allegedly Told Jab Is a “Flu Vaccine” – (VIDEO)


  1. There was a woman in a nursing home in McAllen TX back in the 80s, that died. No surprise, but it turned out that she had a broken pelvis and a broken leg, which subsequent infections led to her death. She was extremely obese 400lbs, and in a vegetative state.
    According to the staff, no family ever visited her; ever.
    The staff dropped her onto the floor while turning her, causing her injuries.
    The family took the home to court, and tried to sue for $400 million dollars.
    One of my co-workers was on the jury, and the attorneys who handled the suit was a customer of the place we worked.

    My buddy did a service call at said attorney a couple weeks after the trial was over, and they grilled him about why the jury came back with a 'not guilty' for the defendant.
    He just said "$400 million? for an old fat woman no one cared about? You gotta ask?"
    Point being, no one really knows what goes on behind nursing home doors, until someone tells.