Wednesday, January 4, 2023

90% of the house of reps is holding 100% of the country hostage

Don't Buy the Establishment's Spin on the House Speaker Fight 

We do not want an establishment rino to be 3rd in line to the presidency.

We want someone who believes in the constitution and will let ALL of the representatives participate.

Retaliation against these 20 individuals will be the word of the day. Time to bring in caning of those that do that.

Read the link about caning. I found it interesting.


  1. I vaguely remembered some asshole kid did something over in Japan I think it was back in the 90's and they caned his ass but good. It was all over the news for weeks .
    I also remember that nobody ever heard another word out of the little bastard after that.

    1. It was Singapore.

    2. i believe it was singapore.

    3. Yep. All over the news for a long time. Then they shutup about it and moved on to the next nothingburger.

  2. I was caned regularly in primary school and high school. The headmaster would use rattan cane on your fingertips, a fast 90 degree stroke from the vertical.