Sunday, January 15, 2023

Ground youself with metal duct tape for your health


I don't have an argument for or against this. I read a science fiction story though, written I think by Robert Heinlein about some guy named Waldo. And no, it wasn't where's waldo.

This kid waldo was a super super genius, but he had to live in space where there is no gravity just so he could function. He had excessive muscular dysfunction. 

His uncle? cousin? some relation was his doctor. This doctor wore heavy lead overcoats because he said all the "waves" radiating thru the air were debilitzing to humans.

Anyway the short story is the doctor was right, the kid waldo figured out some way to neutralize the "waves" and he got his muscles back and could walk again.

And now we got some cellphone "waves" called 5G that people were all upset about. 


  1. Waldo and Magic Incorporated. Pretty sure.

    1. Harsh Mistress is one of my favorite books.

    2. That was an excellent book. My favorite is Starman Jones. The Starship Troopers book was great also.