Friday, January 27, 2023

I am just a little bit pissed off. Full of nasty words.

 I live in california. Okay don't make the snide comments i've heard em all.

The stupid fuckers in this state keep electing stupid fucking democrats. Jesus H Christ when are you idiots gonna learn?

The stupid fuckin democrats in this state have bought votes with this stupid middle class tax refund. But you know what they did? Instead of sending a check for your refund they sent a plastic fucking debit card from a goddamn bank back in new fucking york or fuckin phillydelfia someplace and you gotta go online and make a goddamn fuckin online account to find out how much goddamn fuckin money you get back from your goddam state fuckin taxes. Which are fuckin exorbitant to begin with.

Fuck that bullshit. And THEN you can only get six fuckin hundredgoddamn dollars a day from the sonofabitch so if you got sixhundred and one goddamn dollars you get fucked in the ass without benefit of lubrication. And if you don't use the approved fucking people to get YOUR money back they charge you a goddamn FEE. 

I don't do financial stuff online so I called my credit union and asked if i can bring the goddamn card into a teller and they can transfer the full amount over sixhundredgoddamnfuckingdollars into my account and they said ABSOLUTELY. Ony cost $1.25 for the fee to boot.

Well fuckmerunnin, sixhundredgoddamnfuckindollars is all those cocksuckers would transfer in one sitting. I called the cameldick whore sonofabitch at the credit union and THAT motherfucker is lucky he wasn't sittin in front of me. Oh let me finish what i'm saying before you interrupt me! Well fuck you in the ear goddamnit!!!

I got his goat fuckin supervisor online and told him the situation. Sorry 600 is all you can do. Well then I asked him where do i send the bill for my time, expertise, fuel, wear and tear on my car, insurance etc because of YOUR fuckup now I gotta make another one hour round trip PLUS at least a half hour standing in your goddamn line cause you only got TWO tellers working. Oh, we will not pay something like thaaaat. I'm gettin calmer now so I can slow up on the eighteen letter words.

(And speaking of the car, I got in it and the goddamn 4 wheel drive is engaged and won't disengage. Finally was able to get it to disengage but then drivin down the street the 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low lights were BOTH blinking at the same time. I think the problem is my car leaks water from the rain and I think the electrics got all wet and are causing that issue. I think. And the same goddamn thing is happening with one of my dc/ac inverters at home. 34 degrees at night and the unit shuts off cause it says overheat. I think the moisture is causing it.)

I looked up who my state congress critters are and sent off a strongly worded missive full of the eighteen and twenty letter pejoratives. Wonder when the state PO-lice will show up. 

Mr. Vern, you making terroristic threats? In the slammer you go buddy!

Anybody who thinks guvmint can solve a goddamn thing has a head full of petrified dinosaur shit.


  1. We got one too.. Since it is a VISA card try using it at Costco..

    1. Not in a position to do that. My travels are curtailed due to my wifes health, and I just want to get it into my account.

  2. When I got my card I couldn't find a place to cash it (without a fee), but they accepted it no questions asked at my local Safeway. And allowed me to get cash back. (I think it was eighty dollars at a time). So I just went in, shopped for groceries and cash back about three or four times and was done with it!

    1. I was trying to get a one and done. my wife is very ill and I don't like leaving for long, even when family is here.


    1. You got that right. Those cocksuckers in state gov eat moldy corndicks.

  4. Wonder how much in 'campaign contributions' that bank handed out to get the criminals in Sacramento to do the refunds that way....

  5. I was born and raised outside Buffalo, NY. Lived there 40 years before I moved out of the state.
    I used to sound just like you...
    Honestly? Not trying to bust your stones here, just 2 strangers over the internet.
    No, that isn't an excuse not to, they have jobs there, too..
    No, that isn't either.
    You _think_ that is an excuse, but its really not true.
    Look, I had a good job, nice house, great neighbors, I was comfortable, and everything was familiar to me. I didn't need GPS to get anywhere. I thought moving was too hard and I was going to have to give too much good stuff up, I couldn't do it, just like you think, too.

    Wish I'd done it 10 years earlier now that its all in the rear view mirror? All my excuses why I couldn't did not prove to be true. I was convinced they were and didn't believe strangers on the web telling me they were false. I am now a stranger telling you those excuses in your head are all false.
    For eleventy-billion reasons, put your house up for sale MONDAY and move.
    It won't kill you, I promise.

  6. Can't move at the moment. Don't want to move. For all the problems, I like it here. Just gonna have to get off my ass and start killin some people.