Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Social Security

 Remember how social security is raising your pay if you draw the socalled "benefits"? 

How can it be a benefit when it is a program I paid money into for fifty plus years just so I could have a little bit of money in my old age? And I do mean little.

I checked my checking account just now and it appears that the feds are in fact doing that very thing. Will wonders never cease!

It appears that the net increase in my "benefits" is 9.6%. I certainly could have used that increase in my working years.


  1. Yeah, 9.6% when real inflation is over 30%. Nothing like losing ground.

    I too paid in for over 50 years. I'm getting a really poor return on my investment.

    But the government is willing to give illegal immigrants a whole lot more than what I receive in benefits and they never paid in a penny.

    Social security should be at the very least the same amount as minimum wage, but it is much less in most cases.

    1. I haven't done the math but it sure feels like a lot less. By next year I may be thinking about getting a part time job if any are available locally. In the past SS typically only rose by 1.5 to 2% I believe. The cynic in me makes me think they are buying more votes.