Monday, January 30, 2023

Like spoiled children, liberals never give up when they want something

 And here’s how the left sees pickup trucks:

Now the Left Is Coming for Your Pickup Trucks, America

Pickups have evolved greatly over the years. The first ones I can remember were full sized pickups at the time. Smaller than the midsize pickups we have now.

And absolutely dwarfed by the socalled full size pickups we have now. But in my opinion there has never been a more useful tool ever made.

I mean so much can be done with these things. I mean, you can easily get laid in one of these. And you can also, uh, well, that pretty much takes up my repertoire of things to use them for.


  1. They will get my pickup truck when they pry my cold dead fingers away from the steering wheel.


  2. When you suffer ZERO personal consequences for your decades long neverending assaults on freedom why would you give up...
    Till they start feeling pain. REAL PHYSICAL PAIN whenever they try to infringe on a freedom they have no reason to quit. It's way past time they were GIVEN a reason to stop.

  3. Fred, exactly what load is mounted on those utes? Are they setup as ‘technicals’? Sorry, I have quite poor eyesight.

    1. They look like technicals to me. But with the cover they also resemble tank turrets. Holy shite wouldn't THAT throw their tail up over their head to fire off a tank round from one of those!