Sunday, January 8, 2023

If anybody believes this horesquat I got a few pomegranate/tangerine crosses to sell ya.

 Here Are The Concessions House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Gave To Republican Holdouts To Win Their Support

In that movie with younger kevin costner and sean connery, The Untouchables, sean connery keeps asking younger kevin costner what are you prepared to do??

Well, That is not MY question.
My question is:  What are you GOING to do about it? What are you going to do about it when that weasel eyed sucker of ignorant cocks kevin mccarthy backstabs you? Because you know that camel dick of tiny proportions is GOING backstab you. Why? Ask the snake why does it bite you? Why?

The answer to that is: That's what snakes do. Is bite you. And that's what weasel eyed cocksuckers do is backstab you.

If Gaetz or any of the others think the rules package mccarthy conceded to is going to pass a vote of the house, they are dumber than california almond stumps. Don't you think he has a pretty good idea of how many votes for and agin this particular rules package has?? I'm willing to bet you he has already sucked a couple hundred cocks to line up his votes on this. He is power hungry. All of them are.

I guess time will tell. 


  1. I was kinda surprised to hear McCarthy became Speaker, given his somewhat RINO attitude in the past.
    I think you pretty much nailed the bastard with your exquisite name calling.
    Well done sir!

    1. I was fairly confident he would win the vote. I did have a minor hope he would be vanquished. But with all of the house being liberal except for the few, there was very little hope.

  2. The average Republic lasts 250 years before colapse. America is 246 years old. Americans stopped voting on principles long ago and now it's all about "what's in it for me?" The evidence is there and it ain't "we live in hope and the good guys win in the end" proof.