Friday, January 27, 2023

I resemble that

 Sometime around the spring of 2009 I was doing some work on a small rental house nextdoor to where I used to live. My daughter and her spouse had moved into my old house. My soninlaw comes to the house next door followed by 2 gigantic men in something that resembled suits. Turns out they had some questions for me about my neighbor just to the east of my old place.

His house had apparently been raided by the dea a few days prior. I had no clue that had happened but my neighbors across the street had apparently watched it unfold. 

Anyway the dea guys wanted to talk to me because the guy next door had been using MY wifi to connect to the internet. Then he proceeded to use the usps website to send packages full of marijuana across the former usofa to his customers. And they wanted to know what I knew of it. The dea guy said "We never thought you were involved."

Well shit, when someone says that to you, my first instinct is to shit my pants. And it's a good thing I had toilet paper in the house.

After that I made goddamn sure my wifi was as encrypted as it could get.

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