Saturday, January 28, 2023

Knife Review

Kubey Momentum Review

As is my habit I periodically visit some of the links on my sidebar. Just now at 3 AM I visited the Knife Informer website, link on the sidebar. 

What did the 1770 people have for internet at 3 AM? Some guy riding a horse thru the streets yelling It's 3 AM and ALL is Wellll!

Well here it is 3 AM and Everything SUUcks!

The first article they had was this budget knife review. Go check it out, it looks pretty interesting.

I am not in the market for another knife at the moment but if I was I would give serious consideration to this one.

It's made in china but what isn't these days?


  1. I carry a Kershaw Speedsafe. My wife bought it for me, and her choice really surprised me. It's one of best knives I've ever owned.

    1. I carried a kershaw for several years. Still have it on my dresser for decoration. Currently I carry a buck folder, a leatherman, and for Christmas I got a small gerber knife similar to the kershaw that I carry. Hard to open but I will carry it for a few months then go back to the kershaw.