Saturday, January 14, 2023

Time to buy some laying hens

 Let’s Talk About The Catastrophic Rise Of Egg Prices…

I guess I will have to be friendlier with the neighbors.


  1. The powers that be have been very busy declaring outbreaks of 'bird flu' to justify the wholesale slaughter of laying hens. This drives the price of eggs up astronomically. The same powers that be want us peons to starve. Not a big jump to assume these "outbreaks" are fictitious....and convenient for their purposes.

    1. Agreed. All part of their plan. In human history have you ever seen this kind of insanity? I don't think even in less than medieval europe people were like this.

  2. Neighbors - giving them some eggs is friendlier than not giving them any. Letting their kids feed your chickens their table scraps is friendly.