Tuesday, October 3, 2023


WATCH: Chip Roy Goes Absolutely Ballistic on Those Calling Him a 'RINO' 

You know, I am goddamn tired of these republican assholes whining about MAGA this and MAGA that and circular firing squads and this is a waste of time, and you can kiss my ass I'm not a rino.

Well, you all are rino's, you sure as hell are not conservative. If you were, we wouldn't be in this mess.

You know, MAGA came about because of rino assholes like you going along just to get the lesser of two evils passed.

Well fuck you I am goddamn tired of having to win the lesser of two evils. You people want to have this fight at a later date, it's ALWAYS waiting for a later date. You fuckwad rino's don't want to have the fight. Oh we can do this at a better time. Okay, name the date and name the time and let's schedule the 12 round match. And let's finish this once and for all time.

All you are is Little D democrats, too afraid to fight for what your constituents expect you to fight for. 

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  1. Roy has proven by his actions that he is no conservative but rather just a run of the mill politician who will lie and cheat to enrich himself.