Friday, June 25, 2021

An Almost Joke

 Baseball Legend Ted Williams was standing outside the ball park one day when this horse walks up. Ted just kinda looks at the horse, then the horse speaks up and says hey I want to play baseball.

So Ted says, well you're a horse what can you do?

The horse says I can hit. Ted says prove it.

So they go in the stadium, the horse picks up a bat with his teeth, and Ted throws the ball. Well, the horse whacks the ball up into and almost over the stands.

So ole Ted says, what else can you do. Well, I can play shorstop says the horse. So ole Ted hits a few, and sure enough not one ball gets past him.

So ole Ted tells the horse to get up on the pitchers mound and pitch to him. The horse looks at him like he's crazy, and says Have you ever seen a horse pitch?

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