Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I Have a Whiny Rant

I am pissed off. At my phone.

How the hell does my phone change settings all by itself? Or does it? Maybe big brother is trying to assassinate me by getting me so infuriated I have a heart attack. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

An electronic device surely won't change it's own settings.

This morning I called my wife to let her know I was on my way home. She didn't answer so I waited about 10 minutes and called back. She still didn't answer. So I waited about 10 minutes figuring she would call me back as she always does. She didn't call. So I called her cellphone thinking she went to the grocery store. She didn't answer. So now I'm getting worried with about 8 thousand scenarios running thru my head, all involving medical personnel and ambulances. Which causes my already heavy foot to get even heavier. 

So then I get a text from her saying to call again. So I did and she answers and tells me she has called me about 10 times from our housephone and it goes straight to voice mail. She tried from her cell phone but it didn't ring on my end.

Anyway, looks like my cellphone for some reason blocked my house phone. And my phone ringer was turned all the way down. No idea why either of those two things occurred.

Gotta be the fbi doing this. They hate me and want me in jail.


  1. It isn't just you pal, mine does that shit all the time.

  2. so does mine when I don't put it to sleep before it goes in my pocket.

    1. I will put mine to sleep, but later I see it's awake, like a child at 2am, and it is stalking me.