Saturday, June 26, 2021

Judge Orders FBI to Halt Seizure of Boxes

 All government everywhere, but expecially the federal government is completely out of control and is engaged in tyrannical overreach.

Do you remember a few weeks ago the fbi raided a private business that rented safe deposit boxes.  When they did that their warrant apparently allowed them to seize the building and probably some documents, and the structure the boxes were housed in. But it specifically EXCLUDED the contents of the boxes themselves. 

But the good old fbi took the contents anyway because, you know, whats yours is ours.

Then they decided to apparently inventory the contents of the boxes, going thru private documents while they did so. Came up with I think 80 million dollars or so of valuables that does not belong to them. But they decided to keep it anyway.

The owners have taken them to court and a federal judge has told the fbi to fuck off you can't keep the money.

Judge Orders FBI To Halt Forfeiture of Cash, Jewelry From Safe Deposit Boxes

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