Saturday, June 26, 2021


 We will probably do fireworks here again this year. My grandson is home on leave so I think they all might come up. 

We can't do the REAL fireworks here, like you guys in normalamerica can. We have safe and sane. Oh well.

I remember one 4th of July back in Lockney Texas where I grew up.

We didn't have safe and sane fireworks then and there, we had HOLY SHIT! I remember bottle rockets. Me and my friends would have wars with those. Light em up, fling em at the enemy and dodge the ones that came in return. Fun times. And roman candle wars! Oh that was fun!

Anyway, where I lived the fireworks stand had the usual stuff. Firecrackers, roman candles bottle rockets m80's you name it. But they had one thing in particular I used to buy the crap out of. I called it a flying saucer, don't remember if that was the name of it or not. They were about the size of a quarter or maybe a half dollar, and at that time they cost 25 cents. Light the fuse and it would take off flying, just like a flying saucer.

So we were out in our front yard which was just a dirt driveway, no grass or even weeds. I set one of these down and light the fuse. The thing takes off and heads straight for my mama. She turns and starts hightailing it and this thing is right behind her and I'm yellin Run Mama! and she gets to the end of the house and makes a left turn to get behind the safety of the house. Well, I'll be doggone if that flying saucer didn't make that same left turn and kept on after her! She was cussin up a storm! Ha! 

I don't remember if I got my ass beat on that occasion, but knowing my mama I most likely did.


  1. The flying saucers were one of my favorites also. Grew up near Amarillo. Once watch a fireworks stand go up while standing in line to buy. Some idiot fired a rocket that went into the stand and landed on the merchandise. Two guys working grabbed the cash boxes and bailed out really quick. They dropped the front flap as the bailed out. Didn't help much. That was quite a show!