Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
Vern's Stories fredhorn37@gmail.com So, if I take it I can still catch the ‘Rona and I can still spread the ‘Rona, but the unjabbed are the problem?

See the FBI Dig Through an Innocent Woman's Safe Deposit Box

 At Least $75000 in Misplaced???Gold Coins

Jesus H. Christ. What reason can anyone give me to ever trust government again? I'll wait, go ahead and think one up.

What the fbi has done here is to provide incentive to disband the police. Not just local police, but all law enforcement agencies everywhere, local state and federal.

I know that will result in chaos, but maybe that's what the hell we need right now. 

All law enforcement agencies appear to be on a power trip, thinkin that their shit don't stink. Look at BATFE.

Jesus H. Christ.

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