Saturday, June 19, 2021

Increasing Thermostat Setting via Internet of Things

 While rummaging around the net this morning I came across this article: Can't take the heat? Texans report energy companies adjusting smart thermostats

So, if you have a socalled smart thermostat which is connected to the internet, the energy company can change the setting on your thermostat, whether you want it changed or not. Apparently this is a program you have to Opt-in to. And if you don't like it you can opt-out. Uh-Huh. 

So if you opt-out and the change doesn't take place for whatever reason, they can still manipulate your temp. Or, anything in your house that is connected to the net, say that shiny new smart refrigerator you just got, they can manipulate the temp on that remotely also I betcha. Whether you want them to or not.

I can see it now. Smart connected appliances ratting you out to TPTB if you wash and dry your clothes during peak electric hours rather than at night when I should be sleeping.

Knock Knock Knock. Hey mister and missus homeowner, why are you using so much electricity at this time of day. Hey fuck you asshole I pay for it.

Boom! You are now dead because you didn't obey the electricity nazis.


  1. That is why I never buy that crap. Main reason sheeple get that stuff is virtue signalling and they are just friggen lazy to get up off of their asses to change the thermostat on the wall or see who is at the door. Now if you are unsure about your doors get a non-wi-fi camera and place a small monitor so you can see who is out there.

    1. Yep. I have internet with wifi, but only my computer or phone is attached to it. This other appliance internet stuff is for the birds.

  2. I'm slowly introducing smart appliances into my home with one's all on an internal intranet, not the internet.
    Can't change shit from outside the property, but I can change the temp without getting out of my chair, or turn on certain lights before I go into the room.
    Just keep that shit local within your own home network and off the internet and with a little bit of precaution, everything's cool.

    1. Unfortunately, I am not that technology comfortable to be able to do that. But if you can keep it off the web, thats the way to do it.

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